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The Distributed Collective Action Network

DCAN (Distributed Collective Action Network) is a set of tools to facilitate coordination and cohesion within any group of people, without relying on centralized decision-making. It includes a versatile social protocol for long-term planning, general problem-solving, and mobilization.

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Who's In? Who's In?

Who's In? enables users to propose events, shared tasks and agreements. With it, anyone can suggest a joint action or event, which other people can agree to on the contingency that every necessary role is filled. This allows group action to grow effortlessly from idea to reality without anyone having to worry about its viability.

Who's In? Converge

Converge allows stakeholders to shift focus from outcomes to refining a set of criteria that has maximal support. Using this list, they can evaluate and refine proposals to meet those broadly supported criteria.

You can learn more about the theory behind this software at the Convergent Facilitation website